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Exempt Hookah from Tobacco Flavor Ban to Protect and Preserve the Cultural Tradition of Hookah.

Save Hookah


Hookah is a centuries-old cultural tradition that is actively practiced by many Arabs, Persians, Armenians, Turks, and Indians in the community. All Hookah tobacco is flavored so a ban on flavored tobacco is a FULL BAN on hookahs.

Tobacco Product Use Among High School Students

All hookah is flavored and it is still used far less…. only 3.4% of high schoolers have tried hookah compared to 27.5% who use E-cigarettes (published by the CDC).

FDA recently stated in their guidance for the Industry, dated January 2020, that although data shows that flavored tobacco entice youth, that such data does NOT appear to raise comparably urgent public health concerns with youth usage of hookah products because the lower prevalence of youth use of these products suggest that they do NOT appear to be as appealing to youth at this time.

  • Any tobacco product 31.2% 31.2%
  • E-Cigarettes 27.5% 27.5%
  • Cigars 7.6% 7.6%
  • Cigarettes 5.8% 5.8%
  • Smokeless tobacco 4.8% 4.8%
  • Hookah 3.4% 3.4%
  • Pipe tobacco 1.1% 1.1%


A 2018 FDA Study showed almost 90% of Americans who use hookah do so no more than once per month.


Of the tobacco use among students, only 3.4% use hookah. There is no teen hookah epidemic.

Youth access issues can be addressed by limiting sales of flavored tobacco products to 21+ outlets

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Contact the Los Angeles City Council Today and urge them to protect and preserve the cultural tradition of hookah by mirroring the hookah exemption of SB793 in the LA City Tobacco Flavor Ban!

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Contact the Los Angeles City Council today and urge them to mirror the hookah exemption of SB793 in the LA City Tobacco Flavor Ban!